There is Apple and Samsung in India and some countries in premium smart phone manufacture. As a result, One Plus Company has released 7 and 7 Pro. The model comes with a starting price of RS. 32,999.

OnePlus 7 6 GB Ram RS. 32,999 And 8 GB RAM at Rs 37,999. The One Plus 7 Pro has come in three variants. They initially have 6GB of RAM and 8GB RAM and 8GB RAM. The price of these model phones is 48,999 to 57,999.

One plus 7 pro dynamic 6.67 inch display has a three-lens rear camera system (48MP + 16MB + 8MB). The phone has a battery of 4000mAh. In addition, the audio and video is designed to provide support. Outwardly designed to look great. 4G service is provided. Two model phone sales offer the same type of display. The difference between the two different phones will only change.

This year is going to open 3 new centers in India. You already have in Bangalore and Delhi and are expected to arrive at some other centers.

Smart phones such as Xiaomi, OnePlus and Motorola have come at a good price and higher sales in the mobile phone market. This is a huge profit margin in retail sales.

In India only in the main markets of Basin received good reception. In addition, customer service significantly increased. Not only that, it became the second most important part of the smart phone in India.

According to India’s market research in the March-March 2019 quarter of January, Samsung holds 44% of the stock market as the premium smart phone in India. In addition, Apple has been doing 19 as part of the company’s quarter. But one plus company owned 24%. This is expected to increase your talk service by 30% within half a year.

This One Plus Company has received more customers within a short time after arriving in India.

At present Apple’s iPhone X and iPhone XR have basic modeling RS 76900 and 99,900. Google has now introduced Google Pixel 3A and Pixel 3A XL. The price of this model phone is Rs 39,999 in India

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