Introducing a new security feature in the google map processor

Google has introduced a new security feature for its Map Android processors

Google’s Map Android launches the Stay Safer feature on Android. This feature is currently being offered to users as it has been tested for some time in the Google Map processor. This feature is designed to provide security for the use of public transport in the map processor. This will benefit those who use Call Taxi, Auto and other transport.

With the new feature, location details can be shared between friends and family to help transport users. This is the first phase in India where this feature is only offered to Android users. Google Maps processor needs to be updated to use it

When updating the Google Maps processor on the Android site, you need to look for where to go. When you do so, the Still Add title screen appears. There are two options for get off-route alerts and share live trips

Click on the get off-route alerts feature, which will show users how far they have gone from the recommended area after the google map is 0.5 kilometers away from the recommended route. Then, with the help of Google Map, you can reach the destinationSimilarly, clicking on the Share live trip feature allows users to share their destination directly to their friends and family. Users with this feature can share their location on processors including Facebook and WhatsApp. There is no information yet on when the new security feature will be made available to iOS users

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