New Emojis, Deep Fusion Feature iOS 13.2 Release

Apple’s iOS 13.2 The operating system is released. It has a variety of new features, such as new emojis, Deep Fusion.

Apple has just announced the IOS. 13 released the operating system last month. 13.13 Update was released a few weeks later. 

In this order, Apple is looking at the IOS. 13.2, iPad OS 13.2 has released platforms. Various new features have been added in both versions. These include the iPhone 11 Series model’s Deep Fusion Camera feature.

This feature allows the use of the A13 neural engine to provide high quality photos in low light areas. This update provides new emojis. These are based on Apple’s Unicode 12.0 platform. 

These include a variety of emojis, such as a person with a hearing ear and a wheelchair.

In addition, people’s hands-on emoji are available in a variety of colors. Siri Privacy is included with this. Users can erase Siri and Dictation audio recording history. With this update, Siri brings back the ability to read CDs on the iPhone.

New bug fixes and bug fixes on iPhone and iPad platforms have been fixed and improved.