You can use e-mail for those services

All users of e-mail can use such e-mail for similar services.

There are many places where e-mail addresses can be used in a time when there are no internet users without e-mail. There is nothing wrong with using personal e-mails for important stuff. 

If we use personal e-mails for a few things, including cinema tickets, then the ‘spam’ e-mails will be unbearable. 

We don’t know how and where personal e-mails come to us. Unwanted e-mails from many places clog our inbox and cause irritation. 

To avoid these kinds of problems, temporary e-mails can be used instead of personal e-mails. We will now see what those types of e-mails are and how they are used.

10 minute mail is one of the easiest to use. Every time you visit this website, you will receive an e-mail ID. Is available. But it is only valid for ten minutes. As soon as you visit this website, the time will start to ‘count’. 

You can use that e-mail temporarily within ten minutes. If you refresh the page again you will see another ten minutes. This can be used for temporary purposes. 

This will protect your personal e-mail. And one of the important things is that no one except you can open and read this e-mail.

Another temporary e-mail mailinator on the Internet. In this you can create temporary e-mail with a specific name. We can use it for something and read the e-mails in it and finish our work. You can use a username on this website. 

Dispose of this e-mail when you use it. But you can’t guarantee that no one will read it like a 10-minute email.

A little more powerful in temporary emails is the guerrilla mail. This can be used for any files, including photos. You can use this mail temporarily or permanently as per your requirement. 

But it is important to note that e-mails that come to us can be deleted in a matter of time. At the same time, this guerrilla e-mail is available for use in other domains.