How to activate WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock

We will continue to see how to enable the WhatsApp processor with fingerprint protection.

WhatsApp processor And Face ID Earphones were launched earlier this year with the ability to protect via. A similar feature was tested in the beta version of WhatsApp on the Android platform following the iPhone.

WhatsApp began offering security features in the beta version in August, just a few days before launch for all users worldwide. Accordingly, Android smartphone users can unlock the processor by fingerprint. This means that others cannot penetrate the WhatsApp processor.

How To Activate Fingerprint Lock Feature In WhatsApp Android Processor?

– First click on WhatsApp Settings – Account – Privacy Options

– No longer know the Fingerprint Lock option in Privacy Option

– Next click on Unlock with Fingerprint Option to Unlock Fingerprint with Fingerprint

Protect fingerprint sensor feature on smartphone It offers three options Edit CSS. These are found in the option to automatically lock. These provide the ability to lock the processor immediately, one minute and thirty minutes later.

Once the fingerprint is locked, the data is automatically hidden. Even with this feature enabled, WhatsApp can always answer short messages from calls and notifications. The new security feature only works when users open the processor and try to use it.

However, those who do not wish to know the data in the notifications when the fingerprint is locked can be changed to the Show Content in Notifications option.