Realme wireless earbuds at low cost

Details of the new wireless earbuds of the Realme brand have been released on the Internet. Let’s see the full details of this.

Details of the Realme brand new Realme Earbuds (National Communication Authority) certified. This yearbuds have the model number RMA 205.

The design of Realme Buds Air Neo’s charging case looks identical to the one that comes bundled with the standard Realme Buds Air package. But despite the aesthetic similarities, there might be a few differences under the hood. One of the images on the NCC database shows a Micro-USB cable and the corresponding port for charging the Realme Buds Air Neo. In comparison, the Realme Buds Air go for a USB Type-C port. Another area where Realme might do some cost-cutting and make the Realme Buds Air Neo more affordable is by ditching wireless charging support, and keeping it exclusive to the Realme Buds Air. But so far, there is no word as to when the Realme Buds Air Neo will go official, and the markets it will be available.

And the new Earbuds have a thinner case. Its design is also very thin. Micro USB charging for charging The port is provided. Its case is 400 mAh. Battery, 25 mAh on each headset. Battery supplied.

It is said that the earbuds will be titled Realme Buds Air Neo Once charged, you can expect playback for at least three hours. It is unquestionable whether this earbuds will have a dog cancellation facility.

Realme Butts Air Neo Price Rs. 3000 is expected to be budgeted. Full details of this will be revealed in the coming weeks.

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