Facebook can also delete history – How to use the new feature

 It took a while because we had to rebuild our site to make this possible! “- Mark

About two years ago, the biggest allegation was that the company was selling the personal details of Facebook users to other companies. Since then, there has been a growing demand for a “Clear History” option, as in Facebook’s Facebook browser, and recently Facebook has incorporated this option into official use.

“We’re starting the new decade with the introduction of the Clear History option, where users manage their personal information and searches,” said Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook. This new feature is located in the “Off facebook activity” section under “Your Facebook Information” in the settings. Today, we connect to many sites using a Facebook account. This feature provides information about your account on non-Facebook sites.

This off facebook activity indicates the importance given to the security of the users and our transparency. It took a while because we had to completely rebuild our site to make this possible, ”says Mark.

This app can destroy your Facebook data, preventing you from getting ads for anything you’ve recently searched online. And you can download and download our functions section by category.

However, there is no explanation as to whether this feature will delete the history from our account and remove them from the Facebook site’s servers altogether. So, you can’t be sure that Facebook is open until then.

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